Reset Group Srl is a service agency with operating locations in Rome, Milan and Turin. It works together in the marketing and communication sector by creating and producing events as well as managing celebrities image through sport agents and representatives.


Reset Group Srl was born in January 2007 with the prospect to offer to the market the joined know out of both the founders Davide Lippi and Carlo Diana.


Davide Lippi, the Reset president, after having operated in the Juventus F.C. marketing area, began in the 1999 the sport agent career, collaborating with some of the most important national and international societies of the sector. In 2004 he started to operate autonomously representing about ten players at the highest levels and a significant group of emerging young players. Considerably knowing the international market, he has created and fortified through time profitable relations with all the most prestigious clubs of the world. Meanwhile, he has started to support the current Reset partner Carlo Diana in marketing and communication activities.


Carlo Diana, the general director of the society, has operated for seven years in Juventus F.C., first as marketing manager, than as sales and sponsor manager. In 2004 he founded the Cdsportmanagement, managing as the sole marketing agent for Juventus F.C. players.  Since 2006, in virtue of the excellent relationships set up with many companies, he has strengthen his own abilities, providing well-rounded solutions according to marketing and communication activities, including the media centre for both national and international top clients.


The creation of the Reset Group has been the natural consequence of the experience and the relationships of the two partners, who have been brought together with the aim to approach with an identical vision a dynamic and  well-organized market, with the awareness of the advantages due to creativity and operative feasibility.


“Ideas move your plans” takeline perfectly translates the Reset mission.


Luca Pennacchi and Michele Puglisi  for the soccer management area Domenico Mazzotta is the Sales and Marketing Manager area.

Reset group,"Ideas move your plans".

Carlo e Davide